Mountain biking is a very technical discipline that requires courage, strong muscles, and correct technique. Adrenaline is an intoxicating part of riding a mountain bike, and with the right technique, you can move the upper limit of how fast you can drive on the bike.

The tips are ranked with tips for beginners, easily trained and experienced riders, and can form the basis for a training program for those who are still on their first few rides on their mountain bike.

Wear the right safety gear

The mountain biking sport is a relatively dangerous sport if you do not have the safety measures in order. But with the right precautions, the sport becomes much safer if an accident should even happen. For example, wearing a helmet is the most important security measure and an absolute must if you do not want to end up with a broken skull.

Remember the brakes

First of all, get the feeling of how much you can slow down before you brake. Make sure to do it on a flat gravel path until you have a good feel. The feeling comes by itself as you train. Always drive with a finger on the brake so you can react quickly and efficiently to unexpected obstacles. If you master the brakes of your mountain bike, then it becomes so much easier to get used to riding it.

Do not be embarrassed

You should not be embarrassed. You do not think what the others think because the others just think it’s cool, you’re in. There is no one who thinks something bad about you no matter your pace, your weight, and your age. Try not to be self-conscious whenever you are first trying out your mountain bike. Being embarrassed will ruin your concentration and you will become way too distracted to learn how to ride your mountain bike.

Ride with a more experienced mountain biker

When you ride together with a group, there is always one who dares more than the others. So let them ride up on ahead and follow them. Thus you also follow their path and the speed that they set. It is a good idea to agree in advance who is your leader in your biking group. Say openly that you would like to move some limits and if there is one who wants help.

Let go of the fear

There are differences between men and women when riding on a mountain bike. Men typically run just directly take on the things where women are more careful. The mental block of being afraid is the biggest obstacle for people who want to learn how to ride a mountain bike. You do not have to take it too carefully; just fully jump into the learning experience.

Let the bike guide you!

Relax and let the bike roll and guide you, as long as the bike is upright, it will not tip as a rule. It’s a bit like dropping the fear. Most crashed is because you push too much on the front, so let it be when you get nervous.